The Milnerton Flea Market

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  2. Your whole entire family, including the dog, is welcome this weekend to attend the Milnerton Flea Market.  Your mother would be so proud that you bargain shop, but for your reputation, you can call it vintage.
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    Off to the Milnerton market for a little ramble. Hope to find some treasures too!
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    @Kitt69 goddamn I love me a milnerton market! Is the leather guy there today?
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    @Choitjie ook cool: heel vroeg naar de Milnerton market gaan. Veel meuk maar soms heb je geluk! Tot ma xxx
  6. The market does not discriminate, you will find something for mom, dad, sister, brother.  This is the perfect family outing.  There are food stalls if you and your family want to bond over a little lunch.
  7. The market is situated off the R27 and is opened from 7am – 4pm every Saturday and Sunday. 

    For more on what’s happening around your hometown, visit CT Live by following the link below.


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